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A Three-layer Steamer Offer You More Options

Steaming is a way to lock in the nutrients and keep the food from running off. Many large families may bring a steamed dish to their family mambers. When choosing a steamer, the materials used must conform  the standards of food-grade tableware to prevent harmful substances from damaging our health. Secondly, a single-layer can be basically satisfied the need for ordinary cooking. More layers should be choosen if you cook more, such as three layer steamer, which is easy to store and saves space. At the same time, the three-layer steamer can also improve the utilization rate of the pot.

How to choose a steamer?

1. When choosing, the first thing we need to pay attention  is whether the material conforms to international standards and food grade, so as to prevent harm to our body in the process of use.

2. At the time of purchase we need to choose 304 stainless steel, it's corrosion resistance is good,  with long service life, and stainless steel is generally more common.

3. We should choose the number of layers according to our own needs, such as the three layer steamer, can steam some fish, some steamed bread, or steam some vegetables, multi-layer means that we can have more choices for a meal.

4. The handle should be fixed and scald-proof to prevent hot from burning your hands. At the bottom of the pot, we can choose to thicken the pot bottom, which can prevent the bottom of the pot from melting when forgetting to turn off the fire.

The three-layer steamer is made of stainless steel. It is more than enough for a family of three to steam steamed buns and fish. The pot adopts sanding process, cooking food is not easy to stick in the pot, the exterior adopts double layer design with matte bright color, not only beautiful and elegant, but also can reduce oil stains adhesion, convenient to clean. The three-layer steamer adopts split structure and can be directly served on the table, 304 stainless steel steamer makes the steamed food original and delicious. The three layer steamer adopts the design of laminated food steamer rack, which can cook multiple dishes at the same time, saving space and time, and can also be used to store food. As a split type pot, the whole pot can be soaked in water when cleaning.

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